Lawmakers in Raleigh changed the law this year to require all judges to run with partisan labels.  They also abolished the judicial primaries. I strongly disagree with this change. In my opinion, judges should never run for office with partisan labels, and they should never play politics in the courtroom.

As a result of these changes, however, we have a very unusual situation in this election. Both myself and my opponent are registered Democrats.  No Republican filed to run for Superior Court Judge. So, all voters (Republicans, Democrats, and Unaffiliated) will only have two Democrats to choose from on November 6th. Ironically, there are two Republicans (Phillips & Earwood) running for the local District Court Judge seat, since no Democrat filed…

I’ve campaigned relentlessly at Republican events, Democrat events, nonpartisan events, school events, parades and more.  I’ve never asked a client in 28 years what party he or she belonged to, and politics will never play any role in my courtroom.

I have support from people from all political parties, because they know I will play no favorites.  If you look at this website, my Facebook page, and my campaign literature you will find no mention of my party.  The only reason it appears on the ballot is because the law required it to be there.